Number Lines

Play the all time classic game number lines online and for free! This puzzle game will keep you busy for hours. Make pairs that match 10 to make the balls pop. Scroll down for instructions, hints and a gameplay video for the game.

Number Lines Instructions

Destroy the balls by making pairs of numbers that add up to 10. In this fast thinking puzzle game your basic math knowledge is tested to the max.
It doesn't matter which color you will shoot, as long as the numbers add up to 10.

For example: To play a line and the number 4 is on the board and your ball is 6. Just shoot the 6 at the 4 and: 6+4=10 and the number lines will pop!

You can use 1 ball to pop a group of same numbered balls. So if there for example are 3 balls with the number 5 next to each other, shoot a ball with number 5 at it to make them all disappear.

You will start in level 1. If you pop all numbered balls you go to the next level.
During the game there will spawn stars on the field. Be quick to play the numbered lines away to collect the stars. When you have collected a star your numbered balls will line up.

Number Lines Tips & Tricks

  • Create rows of the same number to score combos
  • Colors make no difference
  • You are game over when the first ball falls in the hole
  • Random stars will spawn, collect them and your numbers will sort
  • Play quick
  • Remove all balls to go to the next level

Number Lines Gameplay Video

Number Lines Screenshots